"Dual Mania speaks a film language that is very delicate and never excessive."
Prisma Rome Independent Film AwardsRome Prisma

"Joseph Strickland's Dual Mania is a literal psychological thriller with a great deal of creativity and energy."
Alan Ng, Film Threat

"Dual Mania ​is a tepid yet reflective psycho-thriller that shares a similar DNA with Steven Soderbergh‘s Side Effects and poses like the long-lost, conservative brother of William Lustig‘s Maniac."
Marc RicovFilm Inquiry

"True to the thriller genre, Dual Mania grows and envelopes you in a sense of impending dread. This is an alternative film with universal appeal."
Shireen Rose Rodrigues Film Reviews

"This suspense thriller is riveting and a mind bender all at once!"
IMDb User Review

What Critics Are Saying About Dual Mania

"Dual Mania is both mind-boggling and full of entertainment."
Pinnacle Film Awards, Film Festival, Hollywood

"Dual Mania pulls multiple strings at once and is heavily reminiscent of sexy thrillers from the '80s and '90s. See it when you get the chance!"
Matthew EscosiaFilm Geek Guy

"Dual Mania is a splendid psychological thriller ahead of its time!"
Bobby S., Rotten Tomatoes

"Dual Mania is a rather solid effort considering how effective it is for maintaining focus."
Mark McPhersonMovies with Mark

"Dual Mania is brilliant!"
Royal Wolf Film Awards, Film Festival, Los Angeles